Pre-marriage Counseling

One more thing to do

You’re in love and can’t wait to start this new chapter of your life together. You’ve already talked about so many things that it’s hard to imagine what else could possibly be discussed!

Is pre-marriage counseling really the best use of your time when you have no big misunderstandings, have so much to do, and a budget to keep in mind?

Consider pre-marriage counseling as an investment in a more stable future

Pre-marriage counseling is an investment you make together to protect what you value by taking preventative steps to support the long-term health and well-being of your relationship.

We’ll talk about details and the big picture for the plans, hopes, and goals of all facets of your life together.

Among other things, we’ll talk about sex, money, time, home, friends, family, kids (or no kids), pets (or no pets), celebrations, traditions, emotions, careers, health, aging, personal life, and communication. We’ll talk about arguing and repairing, coping with stress, and about connecting even when you’re busy.

We invest so much time, energy, and resources into preparing for our careers and pastimes. When it comes to something as monumental as marriage, though – a partnership that will ideally last us decades – many enter it without providing themselves with information and skills that will help make it a rewarding, fulfilling, and stable experience.

Learn what your partner needs – NOW

No couple is the same, but every couple – even happy couples – will disagree about a lot of things over time.

Research shows that couples who are not skilled at reconnecting and turning toward each other in difficulty will not feel as connected or successful in their relationship.

Research also shows that couples are much more open to change and compromise before a marriage than after. Pre-marriage counseling sets the precedent and starts the habit of checking on and caring for your relationship and connecting with each other, even when life is busy.

And life is always going to be busy. When your wedding day has come and gone, will you be ready to successfully navigate the changes, challenges, and conflicts that your life together will hold?

Set your marriage up for success!

I am currently offering a pre-marriage package for new clients, which includes four pre-wedding sessions and one post-wedding session for $700. (Cost for the same number of sessions paid individually is $875.) The pre-marriage package is for people who are engaged and who have a wedding date on the calendar. This set of sessions will cover a wide range of subjects. For relationships needing more focused discussions or problem-solving, relationship sessions will be the best fit.

Let’s work to help you both navigate your new life together.